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Picture from Dave Gehr-
Joe Nett - Bob Mockler - Paul Chaffee - Harold Key ? - Top Warner
From Dennis Sigler: Went up to Mt. Soledad veterans memorial today & took some photos for you to see with a little scope on the size, etc. Also visited some other plaques there of Eisenhower, Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and several other heroes of the past. On our plaque, I touched the names of Alton Shedd & Gary Lininger. I look forward to our official dedication in October. Stay well & proud brothers, Dennis
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Note: Look on Heroes '68 and KIA pages for the pictures the family wanted of Robert Dorshak.
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Jim Dice sent these pictures of Glenn Nishizawa KIA 5-31-68. They came from Glenn's sister who would like to know who the guys in the hooch with Glenn are.
Picture above:
L - R: Greg Hall, Unknown ?, Steve "Missipi" Rye, Nick Dragon, Glenn Nishizawa, Chuck Kraemer, and Rex Sloan. IDs from Chuck Boyle and Nick Dragon.
Message from Chuck Boyle:

Pat Shine and I are thinking about writing a story, a more complete picture of Glenn Nishizawa based on his service to Charlie Company. In that regard, I am soliciting any memories of him, in writing, (email or otherwise) from anyone who knew him. Perhaps little vignettes or tales of their association with him.

I sent a letter and a copy of Absolution to Glen Nishizawa’s sister, Lynn Hensley, who Magnet ( Norm Nishikubo) met at his gravesite she replied within a few days and was deeply moved and ever so grateful to hear from me. She mentioned that the family had set up a scholarship fund in Glenn’s name in 1969, and have been awarding $1000.00 Scholarships to deserving High School Seniors since that time.

So, the ball is rolling on this little episode, started by our brother in arms Norman Nishikubo. (Ruben Sanchez found the cemetery and Don Snyder and Ruben found and photographed the gravesite for the NL and website).
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From Dwight Read, C/3/22 1968: I found these 2 pictures from June 1 – July 4 era. Col. Flint was with us (check photo). I was with 4 Deuce Mortar crew. Col. Flint was throwing grenades from his chopper at the NVA. When Dau Tieng was hit July 4, we all went back. Our mission to stop the NVA from shooting 122 mm rockets into Saigon every Friday morning at sun-up. I think the hold Battalion was there. All this could be debatable.
Picture on Left:

June 1968 - NBC News Crew
Mekong Delta
BG Roy K. Flint
D. Read - Medic C Co. 1-7-68 (2-3-68)
Picture on Right:

Mekong Delta. Infantry returns. Don't know the Company
Centipede Gigantous!
Photo #1 EM club early Vietnam! May be around Saigon! From left to right clockwise around table: #1 may be Ochoa #2 Dave Say #3 ? #4 Greg Delapp #5 Gary Heilmer #6 may be Cummings from Headquarters Co.

Photo #2 Getting ready to go on operation – at Dau Tieng –
Left Dennis Leedle Middle Barry Bovee – Right Okey Blankenship
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Thanks to Dave Gehr we now have 3 pictures from the San Antonio 1991 Reunion and a picture with better color of the 1988 Minneapolis Reunion. They are on the "Pictures" page under Reunions.
NOK Mark Dorshak sent this photo of Alonzo Collier (right) with his uncle KIA Bob Dorshak (center), and 3rd Platoon Medic Joe Senteno (left.)
We got a heartfelt email (below) from NOK Mark Dorshak. He writes about his experience when he came to the Minneapolis reunion, and sent a picture (right) of Alonzo Collier to replace the high school photo that was on our KIA pages. Thank you Mark!
Reunion Dates October 9 - 12, 2019
Reunion Host: Kenny Almond, 660-734-4238
Information about our 2019 Charlie Company Reunion is posted on the Branson 2019 Page
If you are looking to have or go to a mini reunion don't miss the opportunity! Click on "Reunions" page to see how meaningful they can be.
Orlando 2013
Wash DC 2011
San Diego 2015
Minneapolis 2017
Branson 2019
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Fred Buttinelli 70-71 Sent these beautiful pictures of the 22nd Inf. Monument at Ft. Benning to Nick Dragon. I would like to know where on the Monument our "Charlie Co." KIA's are placed. Plan to visit in the near future.
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From Tommy Tompkins: Each year my wife, Dee, and I attend the State Fair of Texas. On the grounds of State Fair Park in Dallas is the Texas Vietnam Memorial. We always take time to go by and visit and say hi to any vets that may be there. This year, one of the vets saw the 25th patch on my cap and remembered they had a 25th wreath in storage that had not been put on display. He retrieved the wreath and I had my wife snap a few pictures for me to forward to you for the newsletter. Not sure how many of our members even know about the memorial.
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Click for email from Mark Dorshak
On October 9, 2018, President Trump signed Public Law 115-258, which provides a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase of 2.8 percent, effective December 1, 2018, for veterans disability compensation and dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC) for survivors and certain other benefits.

VA compensation and DIC benefits are retrospectively paid on the first of each month, for the previous month. This means that the 2.8 COLA increase effective December 1, 2018, will not be included until the January 1, 2019 payment. This increase matches the COLA provided to Social Security recipients.

This COLA benefits injured and ill veterans, their families and survivors by helping to maintain the value of VA benefits against inflation. Without annual COLAs, many disabled veterans, who sacrificed their own health and family life for the good of our nation, may not be able to maintain the quality of life they deserve.

We thank Representative Mike Bost (IL), Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs for introducing HR 4958, theVeterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of2018 and Congress for final passage of the bill on September 25, 2018.

Likewise, we appreciate your support for service-disabled veterans and your grassroots efforts in the DAV Commander's Action Network, which helped get this critical legislation enacted. Please share this information on all of your social media sites. Thank you for all you do for America's veterans and their families.
Sent from Joe Piazza: