Below: Dec. 2008, James Warren and Larry Moran met with Gary Foster and Chuck Boyle in Tuscaloosa Al. This was the first time Larry had seen Gary (Fox) Foster in 41 years. L to R Larry Moran 4th Plt. James Warren 2nd Plt. Gary Foster 4th Plt. Chuck Boyle CO Charlie Co.
Below: At Bob Duplechin's Nov. 2008, L to R Don Snyder, Tony Pitre, Felton Kidder, Bob Duplechin, Jackie McNeely and Roland Respess. First time Don had seen Kidder since Nam.
Left: At Robert O'Neal's. Robert and Don Snyder with VC flag. Dec. 2008.
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Mini mini before the major. Rick & Joyce Denomme had a short but great visit with Clyde Potter 66-67, 4th Plt.  (on left) in Kansas on their way to Colorado Springs. Clyde surprised Rick with scanned pictures from Vietnam. some of them are on the "Put a name with the face" page (see "What's New").
Mini mini after the major. On their way from Colorado Springs, Don & Carolyn Snyder had a short but fun filled packed time visiting Larry (on right) and Barb Rhodes at the site of the new home they are building on their property in New Mexico. The views are breathtaking!
c322association007018.jpg c322association007017.jpg
Memorial Day Week 2010, Bob & Gail Duplechin made made a visit to the west coast. First stop was to Don & Carolyn Snyders. Pictured are John Wolcott, Don Snyder & Bob Duplechin.
Next stop was to Steve & Pam Yanes. Pictured are Jose Gonzales, Steve Yanes, Don Snyder & Bob Duplechin. Steve's adorable 3 year old granddaughter, Zoe, is in front.
c322association007016.jpg c322association007015.jpg c322association007014.jpg
Viet Nam 40th Reunion - Missouri Backyard BBQ 2010 at Bobby Jolliff's in West Plains. 
Photo's sent in by John & Jackie Meadows.

Dave Sutterby, Art Olivas, Betty Sutterby, Tommy Tompkins, Jennifer and Nick Dragon, Katie and John Meadows.

Shorty Menendez & Jerry Franklin
Donald Critchfield & Steve Todd
Top Row L-R: Bud Sherry, Mike Marcum, Wayne Brown, Steve Todd, John Cruz, Cary Minner, Gary Harding, Roger Ilg, Russ Tipton, Jim Cunningham, Gary Clement, Jim Donahue, Art Olivas.
Bottom Row L-R: Tommy Tompkins, Bobby Goins, John Meadows, Pat Howe, Shorty Menendez, Bobby Jolliff,
Doc Berger, Jerry Franklin.  
 Jerry was the lucky raffle winner of a cane carved by  Shorty.

Gene Heck's house - Rick Anderson - Fran Halbach - Palmer Johnson - Paris Fadden - Dave Gehr - Gary Heilmer


Gene Heck's gathering 2008.
c322association007010.jpg c322association007009.jpg c322association007008.jpg
Don Snyder & Bill Slate in Newport, OR, Aug. 2010
Paul Gargis, 68-69, & Don Snyder, outside a restaurant in Florence, OR, Aug.  2010.
Bill Slate, 65-67, with the catch - 19 Tuna!
November 2010 - On the way back from Thanksgiving in Texas, Don & Carolyn Snyder visited Larry & Barb Rhodes at their newly built home in beautiful northern New Mexico. It snowed!
Pictured on left -
Larry & Barb Rhodes,
Carolyn & Don Snyder,
temperature gauge.
2015 C/3/22 Association Reunion
 San Diego, California

WHEN: Sept 30th thru Oct 4th 2015, Wed thru Sun.

Larry Rhodes & Don Snyder at Angel Fire in New Mexico - Nov. 2011
Gathering at Bob Duplechin's in Louisiana - Dec. 2011.
Pictured left to right: Tony Pitre, Felton Kidder, Janice, Ron & Nola Carpenter, Roland & Delores Respess, Bob & Gail Duplechin, Charles & Ellen Milton, Robert & Gina O'Neal and son Declan, Don & Carolyn Snyder.   

Jim Asher and wife Karen recently (June 2012) hosted a really great MINI REUNION at their beautiful home in Pasadena, Calif. In attendance coming from far and wide, were, Charles Boyle, Truman & Tricia Davis, Nick & Jennifer Dragon, Greg & Nelda Hall, Norm (Magnet) & Linda Nishikubo, George “Mac” Reppert, Eddie Runge, Pat & Anne Shine, Don & Carolyn Snyder, Troy Evans, Ken Boucher and Dennis Krause.  A great time was had by all.   Click the link below to see some pictures Karen sent for our website, taken during the days of the reunion (make sure you look at all of the pictures).
Pictures sent by Rick Denomme (actually sent by his granddaughter, Ashley) taken at Gene & Sue Heck's Backyard Reunion, July 2012.
Click Here!

A Great Mini Reunion - Deanna Tompkins (Tommy's wife)

Weekend of August 17/18/19 2012, held at Sgt. Wayne Brown's home. (Picture link below)

Click to read the rest ot the story..
Click Here to see photos.
Reunion Pics
Kokomo, IN, 2009: Pictured from top left: Rick Anderson, Larry Painter, Joe Nett, Fran Halbach, Barry Bovee, Dave Gehr, Terry Toomey, Palmer Johnson.Bottom row: Gene Heck, Tom Mohar, Butch Godlewski, Stuart Simonson.
c322association007004.jpg c322association007003.jpg
Alaska Cruise 2014. Be sure to click to enlarge pictures!
Pictured left to right: Larry & Barb Rhodes, Angela & Remy Autz, Rick & Joyce DeNomme, Gail & Bob Duplechin, Carolyn & Don Snyder.
This was a once in a lifetime adventure and how better to enjoy it than with Army buddies and their wives. What fun!
c322association007002.jpg c322association007001.jpg
Click on the pictures to enlarge!
Gene Heck's Mini Reunion Aug. 2014.
Jay Snavely's Northwest Reunion Aug. 2014.
Orlando 2013
Wash. DC 2011
San Diego 2015
Check the "San Diego 2015" page for details, information, and continuing updates.
San Diego 2015 Reunion link.
Click here to see 20 pictures from the reunion. Check the caption for names.
Click here to see the pictures taken at Jay's reunion. Names are on the captions.