Co C, 3rd Bn, 22nd Inf, 1971
Taken at Standown, just before unit shipped home
LTC Roy K. Flint, Bn Cmdr, 3/22 Inf. April 13, 1968
3/22 Cmdrs. and Staff
Nov 1967
Bottom row L-R: Bob (Doc) Breault, Larry (Tex) Prentice, Gary Pupshis, Jackie (Mississippi) Randolph, Dale Erdman, Larry Siebenthal.
Top row L-R: Lyle Mathews, Aaron Tilley, Rick Rose, Brent Dyson, Henry Sherry, Jimmy Wright, Sylvester Ellis.
Compliments of Bob Bessette)
4th Platoon, Co C, 3/22, 1968
Andrew Paul
KIA 2/6/68
Carlos Chavez & The 4th Plt of Co C, 1967
Dale Arthur Erdman
KIA 4/7/70
Fire Support Base Washington
French Fort & Nui Ba Den in background
Sgt "Nash"
1st Plt, 1968
The Shell Station at
Tay Ninh City
Top of Nui Ba Den
Another picture of Rodger Dale Haste
KIA 12-22-67
Rodger Dale Haste
KIA 12-22-67
c322association014014.jpg c322association7-7-05015014.jpg c322association014013.jpg c322association014012.jpg
This is another of the HQ buildings around Dau Tieng
Here's some happy swimmers. You
remember, don't you?
This is a pavilion and bar at the pool.
Photos of Rodger Haste submitted by Dave Bowman.
C-Cpt James Burl Hansard-Co Cmdr
R-Sgt Benny Dooley-1st Plt
L-1SG Simmons
R-Sgt Benny Dooley
3rd Platoon, Co C, 3/22, Feb 1970
Charlie Co Orderly Room
BN Aid Station
Jan 1968 (1st Plt)
Left to Right:
Robert Mayo
Ron Hudson
Horacio (Dee) Dos Santos
and far right,Tony Colunga
Sgt Robert E. "Dutch" Bowman
KIA at Fire Support Base Burt, 1/1/68
The following several pages depict war stories, battles, and pictures from those battles. We also show personal pictures of our members, pictures of KIAs, etc., on these pages. Send yours in!
Note: Click the pictures to enlarge.
"Attached is a picture of PFC Howard L. Painter killed in the battle at Ap Cho February 10, 1968. He belonged to C/3/22.I am Howard's brother, Larry. I met a lot of Howard's company at the Minneapolis reunion. Please use the attached photo for a memorial booklet. If there are any problems with the picture, please contact me.Thank you,Larry Painter"
This message and photograph came in from
Larry Painter on 11/15/2004, Veterans Day
"My name is Lara Kludy; I am Larry Painter's daughter. My dad doesn't have a computer, so I manage his emails for him. Thank you for adding my Uncle Howard's picture to the website. Although I wasn't born when Howard was killed, I feel a very close connection to him and his story. I am a history teacher at Shelby High School in Shelby, Michigan. I often read passages from [the] book "Absolution" when I teach Vietnam. I read the passage about Howard's death...it really brings the war home to some of my students. Could you provide me information on how to order a copy of "Absolution" for our school's library?

"Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for not allowing fallen soldiers like Howard to be forgotten."

Lara Kludy
Front Row, L-R: Larry 'Airborne' Goethe, Greg Lagoy, Ron 'Carolina' Evans,
(Unidentified man-known as 'Ridgerunner') John 'Swede' Larsin

Back Row, L-R: Chet Strother (KIA 5-29-70), Mike Marcum, Kerry Minner,
Bruce Hahn (KIA 5-6-70), Steve Todd, Dale Erdman (KIA 4-7-70.)
Kerry Minner, 69-70, 1st Plt, sent this picture. The group was called "Point Squad."

Cpt Sligar sent the picture to Kerry. It was taken about Oct or Nov 1969.

One is unidentified. If you can help with the names, please let us know. Thanks to Kerry Minner or identifying Dale Erdman (KIA 4-7-1970.) 
Ralph P. Costanzo.
KIA 10-15-67
Howard L.
KIA 2-10-68
Photo from
Randy Wehner, 67-68.
Dave Gehr found this photo of Edward S. Yamashiro in an old photo album. Edward was killed in action on 6-7-1967.
Edward S. Yamashiro
mosley_hansard_dooley_warstories.jpg isg_simmons_dooley_warstories.jpg jim_dice_warstories.jpg robert_bowman_warstories.jpg ralph_costanzo_warstories.jpg howard_painter_warstories.jpg pt_sqd_warstories.jpg edward_yamashiro_warstories.jpg
The following excerpt is from Ivan Katzenmeierís weblog AMBUSH AT AP NHI, and based on his experiences as Sr. Medic for company C. 3/22nd. The link to Ivanís weblog with the complete story and pictures is below.
There are many wounded. The medics are busy treating the casualties. Our Captain, James B. Hansard, walks in the center of the road with his RTO (radio telephone operator) at his side. A model of courage, he shows no sign of fear. He is intent on doing his job and taking care of the men in Charlie Company. I am walking with him, but near the ditch trying to keep a low profile (see Paddy picture).
Click here to read full excerpt.
Link to Ivan Katzenmeier's Ambush at Ap Nhi Weblog
"Doc" Katzenmeier
Artwork by Jim D. Nelson
Our Captian, James B. Hansard

Charlie Company Assults the Enemy - 25 August 68


At 1:00 PM Company C 3/22nd is ordered to join other assault units engaged in the battle at Ap Nhi. Our unit is flown by helicopter to Tay Ninh, waits an hour and then flown to the sight of the ambushed convoy. We land on a road outside of the village. A mechanized armored unit leads our assault troops towards the village as we follow on foot.

Roll Call
KIA List
Hot Poop
Guest Book
VN Era
War Stories
Soui Tre
FSB Burt
Ap Cho
Good Friday
Larry Welsh
Heroes 66-67
Heroes 68
Heroes 69-70
Left: Rodger Dale Haste,
KIA 12-22-67
Middle: Dave Bowman
Right: Medic Tom Calcagno
c322association014008.jpg c322association014007.jpg c322association014006.jpg c322association014005.jpg c322association014004.jpg
Reunion Pics
SGM Arthur "Top" Werner taken in 1967 was in Bob Duplechin's (65-67) collection of Vietnam photos.  
Orlando 2013
Wash. DC 2011
San Diego 2015
c322association014002.jpg c322association014001.jpg

Photo of Col Kenneth Buell (middle), Gen Westmoreland (on right), and Harry Reasoner (CBS war correspondent) on left. 

Gen Westmoreland autographed this as "Noted, Westmoreland"

Gen Westmoreland on left, Col Buell 3rd from left.
Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge!
Jane Buell sent in these photos of her late husband Col. Kenneth Buell. She would like any info about the others in the photo below.