The following pictures were sent by Don Snyder and Dave Gehr. The photos are named or numbered. If you can identify any these men and women, please send an email message to any of the officers and we'll tell folks who is who.
Photo #1 - 4th Platoon
Photo #2 - 4th Plt Banquet
Photo #3 - Banquet
Photo #4 - Banquet - Dance
Photo #5 - Brewer's Game
Photo #6 - Dave and Becky Gehr
Photo #8 - Butch and Friends
Brewer's Game - Welcome
Photo #9 - HHC Group Photo
Photo #10 - Hospitality Room
Photo #11 - Joe & Diane Nett
NOTE: We've consolidated the pictures from previous reunions from 1988 to 2009.
Dennis Adkins,
Mike Balser,
Danny Alvis
Jim Asher,
Shorty Menendez
Jim Dice, Roger Martin,
Jim Asher, Dave Sexton
Plaque honoring Vietnam Veterans at the Oregon Living Memorial
Garden of Solice at The Oregon Vietnam Veterans Living Memorial
C/3/22 and other Vietnam Veterans honor their fallen brothers
Roger Martin at the Sternwheeler
Dee Dos Santos
Pat Shine
Aboard the Sternwheeler
C/3/22 men, women, and their friends on the Sternwheeler
Roger Martin,
Greg Hall,
Nelda Hall
C/3/22 Memorial
at Baton Rouge
Crosses representing C/3/22 KIAs along path
Group shot of C/3/22 at picnic
Cajun boat in the
Henderson Swamp
Bill Schwindt,
Dave Gehr,
Eddie Runge
and others.
A great group picture!
Danny Alvis,
Cris Stone,
Frank James III
Tony Pitre
Missing Man Table
Ruben Barkley
Don Evans
Gracie Dyer, mother of KIA Jay Cee Dyer, meeting 'Her Boys' for the first time.
Rick Anderson,
Host of Minneapolis reunion
Washington, DC Reunion 1997
It was a great reunion where we visited The Wall for the first time.
Patti Schwindt
Veterans and Tourists
passing The Wall
Charlie Brown,
Steve Rye,
Larry Moran
Frt-Dave Sexton, Nick Dragon
Mdl-Greg Hall, Paul Lundberg, Steve Rye
R-Jim Asher, Charlie Brown,
Roger Martin
Dennis Adkins, Chuck Boyle
Jim Asher, Mike Donnelly,
BG Roy Flint
Nick Dragon,
Charlie Brown,
Don Evans,
Dee Dos Santos,
Tom Boone
milwaukee_4th_pics.jpg milwaukee_4th_banquet_pics.jpg milwaukee_banquet_0124_pics.jpg milwaukee_banquet_dance_0186.jpg milwaukee_brewersgame_welcome_pics.jpg milwaukee_thegehrs_pics.jpg cruise9_1_05_pics.jpg milwakee_godlewski_crusie_pics.jpg milwakee_hhc_pics.jpg milwakee_hosptal_rm_fun_pics.jpg milwakee_joe_dian_nett_fun.jpg milwakee_brewers_game_pic2pics.jpg btru_crosses_left_view_copy_pics.jpg crosses_pics.jpg btru_group_picnic_pics.gif btru_on_swamp_boat_a_pics.gif btru_gehr_schwindt_runge_a_copy_pics..gif btru_crosses_path_a_pics.jpg btru_large_group_pics.jpg btru_i_pics.gif btru_crosses_another_view_picks.jpg min_alvis_stone_james_a.gif min_richard_anderson_a_pics.gif min_tony_pitre_a_pics.jpg min_missing_mn_table_pics.gif min_ruben_don_at_rest_pics.gif min_gracie_krause_dice_pics.jpg dc_patti_schwindt_at_wall_pics.jpg dc_passing_wall_pics.jpg dc_nick_charlie_don_dee_pics.jpg dc_steve_charlie_larry_guidon_pics.jpg dc_greg_asher_steve_roger_pics.jpg dc_flint_asher_donnelly_boyle_pics.jpg
Roll Call
KIA List
Hot Poop
Guest Book
VN Era
War Stories
Soui Tre
FSB Burt
Ap Cho
Good Friday
Larry Welsh
Heroes 66-67
Heroes 68
Heroes 69-70
Sacramento 2007 Reunion Pictures. Click below for the 165 pictures on a Shutterfly link, then choose to View Album. Hint: Choose Play Slideshow or Detailed View to see pictures better. By the way, they aren't in order but maybe that makes it more fun.
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c322association012024.jpg c322association012023.jpg c322association012022.jpg c322association012020.jpg c322association012019.jpg
Reunion Pics
1st. Plt.
2nd Plt.
3rd. Plt.
4th Plt.
4th Plt.
St. Louis 1995 and Minneapolis 1988 were added to the past reunion pictures. Scroll down.
We are missing pictures from Las Vegas 1993, San Antonio 1991, and Seattle 1989. If you have any, send them to Don Snyder (Webmaster - address is on Headquarters Page) or any officer. We will return them to you. Thanks!

Top row - Jim Klotz, Rick DeNomme, Eugene Dabel, Steve Yanes, Palmer Johnson, Trevor Grange, Vince Anderson, Leon Krone, Vince Weber


Next - Dale Martz, Harvey Schnakenburg, Donald Kiefer, Dennis Leedle, Bill Schwindt, Frank Humpel, Bob Mockler ? (almost completely hidden behind Frank), Carl Jones, Joel Tye (behind Carl, you can barely see the outline of his head), Gary Heilmer, Mike Bloomquist


Next - Dave Gehr, Phil Huenink, Butch Godlewski, Paris Fadden, Tom Christy, John Miner


Next - Jim White, Terry Toomey, Dennis Wageman, Tom Mohar


Bottom Row - Gene Heck, Frank Valento, Mike Sullivan, Eugene Hahaj

The first C/3/22 reunion!
c322association012007.jpg c322association012006.jpg c322association012005.jpg c322association012004.jpg c322association012003.jpg
Left side from front to back: Beckie Gehr, Don & Carolyn Snyder, Barb Rhodes, Steve Yanes. Right side front to back: Dave Gehr (sent the photo in), Bill & Patti Schwindt, Larry Rhodes, Pam Yanes.
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Click for Colorado Reunion pictures!
On the Shutterfly site be sure to click "view album" to see all 90 pictures.
Orlando 2013
Wash. DC 2011
San Diego 2015